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CONFITTY GreenTea Oil Infused Bouncy Makeup Blender

CONFITTY GreenTea Oil Infused Bouncy Makeup Blender

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✅Greentea Oil Infused
✅Bigger when wet
✅Soft & bouncy without latex

Bouncy Makeup Blender Greentea Oil Infused with fresh greentea scent for antioxidant and helps to protect the skin from damage cased by UV radiation and free radicals from the environment.

DRY & WET – Bounce size transformation! Size: 6 CM

Green tea Oil infused? Yes girl, it has GreenTea Oil inside it!
Benefits of GreenTea Oil:
 provides extra protection from exposure to UV rays and free radicals
 provide antioxidants to the skin

With new material :
• Bouncier
• Softer
• Flawlessly blends makeup better

1. First, damp the bouncy with water.
2. Squeeze the bouncy until it feels moist.
3. Put the makeup product that will be applied to the bouncy.
4. Tap-tap the bouncy on your face.
5. If you want to apply the makeup product to smaller areas, use the pointed edge.
6. After you use the bouncy, don’t forget to wash it.

You can use the GreenTea Oil infused bouncy makeup blender in damp or dry condition.
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