CONFITTY Greentea Morning Bubble Emulsion
CONFITTY Greentea Morning Bubble Emulsion
CONFITTY Greentea Morning Bubble Emulsion

CONFITTY Greentea Morning Bubble Emulsion

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âś…Locks make-up to stay longer

Preparing a healthy and happy skin is a proper way to start the day
Before starting the day, us girls always preparing ourself to looked decent the best way that we can be, don't we? Feeling a rough, dry, and dull skin texture is usually the main problem before applying makeup. With bubble technology, CONFITTY Morning Bubble Emulsion prepares a healthy and happy skin for you to to start the day. It will brighten and smoothen your skin. Preparing your skin to move from skincare steps to next makeup steps and allowing your makeup to stay longer. #CONFITTYMorningInstantSmooth.

What CONFITTY Morning Bubble Emulsion can do to your skin
• Smoothen & brighten your skin with bubble technology
• To even your skintone
• Hydrating the skin
• Reduce excess oil / shine from previous skincare
• As your makeup base that makes your makeup stays longer
• Nourish the skin
• For all skin types
• Pore blurring
• Acne prone skin friendly
• Pregnant & breastfeeding mom friendly
• Sensitive skin friendly
• Light and easy to absorb to the skin (water gel based)

So, here we present, CONFITTY Morning Bubble Emulsion
-. Bubble Technology
Hydrate, smoothen, and give nutrition to your skin
- Niacinamide 2%
Hydrate, brighten, and smoothen your skin Helps camouflage dark spot & as your anti aging ingredients
- Green tea Extract
Protects you from free radicals, relax your mind, and high in antioxidants
- Vit C
Maintain & treat your skin problem caused by sun exposure.
- Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrating, smoothen, and helps maintain skin elasticity
- Grapeseed Oil
Brighen a dull skin, control excess oil, and disguise wrinkles
- Glycerin Fix
skin barrier & make your skin plumpy!
- Allantoin Helps skin regeneration & relax your skin

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CONFITTY Greentea Morning Bubble Emulsion