CONFITTY Greentea Double Cleansing Balm
CONFITTY Greentea Double Cleansing Balm
CONFITTY Greentea Double Cleansing Balm

CONFITTY Greentea Double Cleansing Balm

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Cleansing Balm
âś…3 in 1
âś…Clensing Balm
âś…Face Wash

Clear all the negativity during the day and start your evening fresh
After a day full of activities, don't let makeup stains and dust on your skin stand in the way of your beauty sleep. CONFITTY Double Cleansing Balm clears all the negativity during the day and lets you start your evening fresh. A gel with cooling sensation that clears your skin with double function as a cleansing balm and face wash. Removes makeup and dust on your face in just 14-25 seconds! CONFITTY Double Cleansing Balm with skincare formula also gives benefit to your skin as a leave on mask. Relax, hydrate, and brighten your skin overnight. #CONFITTYDoubleCleanseAndMask.

What CONFITTY Double Cleansing Balm can do to your skin
• Cooling sensation
• Clean the makeup, dirt, and dust on the skin with maximum result
• Can clean & remove excess oil
• Clean the waterproof makeup
• For all skin types
• Pregnant & breastfeeding mom friendly
• Acne prone & sensitive skin friendly
• Soft & gel texture, convenient to use for removing make-up
• emulsified by water and melts easily, making the cleaning process easier
• Can remove makeup in 14 seconds
• does not leave a residue in the eyes that makes the eyes blurry
• easy to clean (can be rinsed with water/using a cotton swab moistened with water)

Wait, we have more!
CONFITTY Double Cleansing Balm can be used as Leave On Mask that hace tons of benefits for your skin :

1. To relax facial skin throughout the night and makesyour skin moist in the morning
2. Help brighten and soften your skin
3. Has a calming aroma
4. Helps make your skin more supply

Be ready #CONFITeam! Here we present, from you to you

Double Cleansing Balm
- Greentea extract
High antioxidants, ready to fight free radicals and relaxing your mind with its scent
- Chrysantemum extract
Help to relax your skin, treat redness and irritation, and as anti aging ingredient
- Chamomile
Relax the skin, as antioxidants, and anti-inflamation
- Calendula extract
Relaxing the skin and treat irritation

BPOM NUMBER: NA11221200242

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