How To Order

  1. Click 'Shop' on the top of this website 
  2. Select your desired product by clicking the product photo
  3. You can look up the product story behind, how to use, and ingredients below the product name 
  4. Choose the variant of the product according to your preference.
  5. Click 'Add To Cart' to add the product to the shopping cart.
  6. If you still want to add another product, repeat from stage number 2
  7. Once you finish the shopping, click the cart icon on the top right of the website to continue the payment stage and click 'Checkout'.
  8. If you’re not registered yet, click 'Sign In' and register yourself 
  9. If you are already registered, please proceed to the payment method
  10. Please make sure your personal data is complete and choose the shipping method that you want.
  11. Select the payment method you want and follow the instructions.
  12. Click 'Confirm Payment' and complete the requested information if you choose BCA Transfer Manual
  13. Please complete the payment in 24 hours after 'Checkout'.
  14. Find the payment confirmation on your email on the promotion section
  15. Confirmed payments will be processed as soon as possible.
  16. If you have other unanswered question please look up the terms&condition and FAQ!